Wine For Beer Drinkers : Les Clos Perdus - L'Année Rouge 2018

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Les Clos Perdus is a nearly 20 year old winemaking venture run by Australian-born Paul Old, who spent 20 years as a professional dancer before studying wine science and moving to the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Today we're featuring L'Année Rouge 2018.

About the Wine Regionwine

The Languedoc - Roussillon region is vast, with several sub-regions which include some of the oldest vines 

in France. This region is the largest wine-producing region and vineyard area in the world and produces more than a third of all the wine in France! A very dry, hot region which receives cooling influence from the Mediterranean sea. The majority of wines produced here are full-bodied, fruit-driven red blends. This is a great region in which to discover value-priced, high quality wines. 

Grapes and Style

60% Grenache

30% Syrah

10% Carignan

In the fermentation process these grapes were mostly destemmed, with just 5% whole bunch for a bit of added texture. Spontaneous fermentation kicked off after 3-4 days of cold maceration, and the wine was aged in stainless steel--no oak--on fine lees for 9 months. No fining or filtration used. All 20 hectares of the estate are organically farmed by way of biodynamic principles with native plant inclusion in their vineyards for promotion of biodiversity and soil health.

Tasting Noteslanguedoc

Strong tannins and native yeast frame a mildly funky and bitter overlay across rich, dusty fruit flavors. A generous mouthfeel gives way to a very dry finish. Though it is a rather dry wine, it’s not strongly acidic--almost like a funkier, earthier Tuscan. 

Food Pairing Suggestions

While this wine is not highly acidic, the dryness, natural yeasts and tannin from skin contact means it behaves like a lot of old world, dry wines. Pairings will naturally follow--think tomato dishes, eggplant, tangy cheeses, rich flavors with some sweetness. This wine is in love with food. 

Beer Parallels

Orval lovers! This wine will be in your wheelhouse. The earthy fruit notes parallel the malt, the tannin contribution is similar to the hop contribution, and the delivery of brettanomyces flavor is strong but not overly funky or pungent. Other somewhat bitter, brett beers may also lead you to enjoy this wine. grapes


The great news is that if you’re already a fan of a spectrum of mixed culture beers or farmhouse ales, this wine will not only be understandable to you, it will likely become a quick favorite. Try a bottle with a nice meal and let us know what you think!

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