Wine For Beer Drinkers : Jané Ventura Brut Rose Cava 2017

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Jané Ventura is a fourth-generation, family-owned winery in Penedes, a wine-growing region in Catalonia, Spain, and we're highlighting their Brut Rosé Cava 2017.

About the Wine Region

Penedes is located about an hour south of roseBarcelona, on the Mediterranean Sea. The climate is predictably Mediterranean, with hot summers, mild winters and moderate rainfall, but the topography makes this region quite ecologically diverse. Low-lying areas reach high temperatures and a stark mountain range runs along the coast reaching up to 2,600 feet elevation. 95% of the world’s cava is produced in this region. Jané Ventura utilizes all organic farming practices in their vineyards, which are up around 2,000 feet. This elevation obviously brings cooler temperatures, especially at night, which builds a higher level of acid in their grapes.  

Grapes and Style

100% “Garnatxa” (Garnacha/Grenache) garnacha

Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine made in the traditional method, i.e., the same as champagne. This cava is considered “brut,” which is a designation of sweetness in sparkling wine. Brut means “dry,” and wines carrying this designation must have less than 12 grams per liter (g/L) of residual sugar, which means you’ll experience little to no perception of sweetness.

Garnatxa is a red grape, the pressing of which gives a pink hue to this wine. Rosé, baby!

After a cold fermentation for 6 weeks, this pretty wine was aged in the bottle for 24-30 months and given 2g/L dosage after disgorging. Dosage is a small amount of sugar (in the form of actual sugar, juice, or wine) placed into a bottle of wine after the yeast sediment has been removed. This allows for a natural carbonation in the package--it’s what gives you that satisfying pop of the cork!

Tasting Notes

Pleasantly yeasty, toasty with watermelon and spring strawberries in the mix, a fun level of bubbliness. 

Food Pairing Suggestions penedes

Macarons or meringues (for the texture), a range of bright, fruity and herbed Mediterranean dishes such as watermelon and feta salad or tzatziki with falafel, light creamy cheeses, fresh toasted bread. 

Beer Parallels

Light, floral and yeast-driven beers have a lot in common with this wine. Think mild witbiers, dry saisons, or a perhaps a kolsch. We found several friends of this wine in the beer selection of our bottle shop, including Brasserie Blaugies Darbyste, a Belgian beer fermented with fig juice, North Fork’s Brett IPA, and Alesong’s Touch of Brett Mandarina. 


This bubbly, beautiful dry wine isn’t hard to enjoy, especially if you’re already a fan of yeast-focused, bottle-conditioned Belgian-style beers. The best news is that this cava is very versatile and can be sipped on its own or alongside a cheese plate, with a bright-flavored meal, or even as a brunch beverage. 

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